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Available Rescues

Our rescues are kept in quarantine for a minimum of 30 days. Animals that present with health issues will be kept in quarantine until they have recovered. This is both to insure our permanent ambassadors aren't exposed to parasites or communicable illnesses, as well as to give us time to monitor each rescue's health and temperament.


Animals in our COMING SOON column are either in quarantine or they are still under evaluation to see if they are ready to find a permanent home. If you would like to adopt one of these animals, you can apply now but an applicant will not be chosen until they are declared ready for adoption. Animals in our AVAILABLE column have been quarantined, evaluated, and are ready for immediate adoption. If you are interested in an animal, please fill out an application here


  • These are "pet-only" animals and the adoption application includes an agreement not to breed any animals adopted from us, as is standard with animal rescues.

  • All animals must be picked up in Chapel Hill, NC within 7 days of approval.



Intake Date: 10/8/19

Ash was surrendered after having one of his front limbs bitten off by a sibling. The wound has healed very well and he should be up for adoption as soon as we've had time to monitor him and ensure he's well established. He is the cutest little thing and a total pip!
Intake date: 8/15/2019

Pandora is a gorgeous adult female Brazilian rainbow boa that was surrendered when her owner could no longer care for her. She came to us in the middle of a rough shed and is a little skinny, but a few meals and a good shed should have her looking much better.
Intake date: 8/3/2019

This poor ball python was found outside at a local park in Durham. Luckily, a reptile lover found her and got her to us. She's extremely emaciated, dehydrated, had a lot of retained shed, and may have some fractured ribs. She'll need a lot of medical care before she's ready to go to a new home.
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Intake Date: 8/6/19
Adoption Fee: $30

Electra is a 14 year old corn snake that was surrendered to us after becoming egg bound. Our vets at Avian and Exotic surgically removed the eggs and she is now doing much better! She has a very sweet temperament and is ready to find her new forever home.
Intake date: 12/7/2018
Adoption fee: $20

This young ball python came to us in pretty rough shape. He had some dry, abraded scales and dented eyes. He also was reluctant to eat. We were able to treat his scale damage with proper humidity, but he continued refusing meals. Finally, he started to accept live prey and is now at a good weight. We do prefer to feet f/t, but he is continuing to refuse f/t meals. His new owner needs to prepared to feed him live, as he may never switch.
Intake Date: 8/16/19

Alfalfa was surrendered to us with several severe health issues. He has pathological fractures in both his front limbs and his tail due to MBD. He also was suffering from what we believe to be a stomach ulcer. Treatment has resolved his health issues and while his mobility is decreased, we believe he can live out the remainder of his life relatively pain-free.
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