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A standard program is one hour long and includes 4 to 7 animals. Check out our "Animal Ambassadors" page to see the roster of animals we have available for programs. We are happy to work out custom programs upon request, including shorter programs for younger audiences or unique program topics! We can also tailor-make programs to suite your curriculum.

Native Wildlife

Learn about some of the amazing animals found in North Carolina! This program delves into the biology and ecology behind our local wildlife and their vital importance to our ecosystem. We'll also talk about some tips and tricks for safely cohabitating with these
crazy creatures. 

Exotic Pets

The exotic pet market is constantly growing and changing, and not always for the better. During this program, you'll get to see and interact with some of today's most commonly kept exotic pets. You'll learn all about these fascinating animals, as well as the ins-and-outs of responsible pet ownership and what really makes a "good pet."  

Animals Around the World

The world we live in is a strange and beautiful place - and so are the many animals that inhabit it! Together we'll take an incredible journey and meet amazing animals from all over the globe. We'll delve into the different environments these animals inhabit and how they may be affected by them. 

Animal Fears & Myths

Are snakes aggressive? Will a tarantula bite kill you? Can hedgehogs shoot their quills? We'll answer these questions and more, as well as talk about some common animal-related fears and why they may be unfounded. 

Program Fees

60 minute program - $100.00

30 minutes program $75.00

Contact us to book a program today!